This is my hodgepodge collection of miscellaneous art created over the years. I’m sharing them for the shear fun of it.  The first one is my very oldest posted piece.  I was inspired to try scratchboard by the local WildWings gallery in La Crosse.  I loved all of the amazing wildlife artwork within it’s walls.  Their colored scratchboard drawings of wolves was incredible!

I have been asked to do quite a few caricatures over the years.  To be honest, they are not my greatest strength, but they are fun.  Moreover, they are also a good reminder not to take ourselves too terribly seriously.  

The tree mural was created in the basement of a factory in Lake City as a memorial to an employee who had passed.  Additionally, it also brightened up that grey basement  office.  The below signs were painted in and around Lake City.  Lastly, the laundry room mural as created in Cannon Falls for a customer.

 Graphite Pencil Artwork Collection

Ink Drawings and Paintings

Helpful Links to Minnesota Art Resources

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