Current Ink & Watercolor – Mixed Media Art

My mixed media inked artwork lends itself product illustrations, tattoo designs, drawings of buildings & portraits of people or pets.  

I’ve been experimenting with using it for portraits recently.  First I draw the piece out in pencil.  Then I  go over it with a series of different size pens.  I especially like the extra fine point for the very light hatching.  After that, the entire thing is painted over with a mix of watercolor paint and some ink.  It looks like it might be possible to get the black and white version printed and then I could hand-color those prints for a more personal gift.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in having some custom ink-work done.

Vintage Pen and Ink Art

I was living in Lake City, Minnesota when I created the inked artwork that is displayed below.   The first few images are of a rustic cabin nestled in the woods up north (northern Minnesota).  The next two images feature the Lake City Hall before renovations we done to it in 2001.  I think it’s a nice way to remember that old architecture.  After that are a couple of houseboat images.   The houseboat ink painting was based on a craft that was moored in the Red Wing Marina.  Lastly, the band called BackLash from Lake City had me do their inked caricature drawing.

Graphite Pencil Portfolio – Current Artwork

Acrylic Painting Portfolio


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