Welcome to the portfolio of my newest graphite pencil portraits!  Fresh artwork will be added to this page as it is created.  Hopefully this page will get filled up quickly with plenty of new realistic pencil drawings.  Pencil art is displayed in the same sequence that it is completed.  Be on the lookout for blog pages that detail how some of these individual projects came to be. 

Erica, who is featured in the first few images, was a joy to draw, and is an amazing young lady.  The next three images are of John Gary Breckenridge.  in fact, Gary was a wonderful father and grandfather to a good friend of mine.  I created this graphite pencil memorial gift to honor his life.

The final two images are of my husband’s parents, George & Dorothy.  I could not ask for better in-laws!  Consequently, I made this a few years ago as a Christmas gift to commemorate their 50th wedding anniversary.

Vintage (older) Graphite Drawings of People, Fish & Dogs

Anniversary Drawing Ideas

Details of Gary & Erica’s Portrait Drawings

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