Painting Called The Path of Life

Original Acrylics

Welcome to my acrylic painting portfolio.  I’m embarking on a journey to explore the colorful and challenging medium of acrylic paints.  They can be so dramatic and speak so eloquently.  Moving forward, I would like to focus on acrylics, as well as my mixed media style, which is ink and watercolor.

Student Paintings

Below are a few of the paintings that were created via my online classes with Will Kemp and also Tim Gagnon.  Both artists are great teachers and I totally recommend them if you are interested in strengthening your artistic chops. The paintings were such a joy to create.  Although, as with any learning exercise, there was also some frustration.  I’m constantly learning, and will post more as they come into existence.

Cherry Painting Reference Photo & Blog

Sue’s Portrait Reference Photo & Blog

Will Kemp Painting Lessons Completed