Pencil Portraits of Gary & Erica

This week I’m featuring two graphite portraits that were created this spring.  Both were gifts for friends, and much love went into each of them.  

John Gary Breckenridge

My good friend, Susan, lost her dad this March.  He lived with her and was an intrinsic part of her family’s day to day life.  Actually,  I knew him as Gary.  He was full of good humor and love for those around him.  Gary helped with the kids and loved to prank his family.   He passed rather suddenly. 

I felt so very badly for Susan and her kin.  This drawing was the one thing that I could think of to help out and to honor him at his memorial.  She has graciously given me permission to show his image at my shows and here on the web.  She said that he was a super-friendly guy, and would totally love it.

Photo of Gary taken during the spring of 2019 by Susan Korkowski
Reference Photo of Gary
Progression of the Graphite Portrait.  Gary's witty eyes have been detailed along with his ear.
Drawing Progress Image
Completed memorial drawing of Susan's dad - John Gary Breckenridge.
Completed Graphite Pencil Drawing of Gary

Erica’s Portrait

I got to know Erica a few years ago when I was volunteering at my church as a youth group leader. Indeed, she was a fun, inquisitive kid who showed up every Wednesday and was a great part of the group. Erica was always paying way more attention than I knew at the time.

I fell out of touch with that great group of kids when my allergies made it too difficult to help out anymore. Because of my severe reactions to environmental stuff, I became home-bound. Thankfully, after a few years of illness, I have found a way to get back into the world and started living again. In fact, Erica, who was still paying more attention than I realized, immediately asked me to do a portrait of her. So, here is my drawing of this beautiful young lady. I wish you all the best in future years to come, Erica!

Reference Photo of Erica
Reference Photo of Erica
Partially Completed Erica Pencil Drawing
Partially Completed Erica Drawing
Graphite Pencil Portrait of Erica
Graphite Pencil Portrait of Erica

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