The Northfield Gazebo Inked Watercolor Painting

Welcome to winter in the Midwest!  This inked watercolor painting of the gazebo park in Northfield, Minnesota captures my impression of the drama and silence of this cold season.  An ice cold back-drop folds itself around the warm colors of the local cereal mill and pedestrian walking bridge.  In the foreground is a tangle of branches that provide a canopy of texture for the butterfly wings of the snow-covered gazebo.

I was out with my family one cold winter day last year and was inspired to take some photos of the cold winter scenery.  It had just snowed (again) and it seemed that no one was out that day.  Even though we were in the city, we felt like we had the park and the river to ourselves.  By February, folks have just gotten really tired of the snow, and last year we had an abundance of it!  Despite my cup running over with snow, I just couldn’t resist trying to recreate that peaceful and serene scene.  

The original was a 18″ x 12″ watercolor over ink on hot press paper.  That has sold, but I do have prints available.  You can see the reference photo and progress pics in my portfolio too.


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