Robin Flint is a portrait artist in Minnesota

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Robin Flint

Cannon Falls, Minnesota

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Artist’s Bio


I have been in love with creating artwork since I was a tiny farm girl in Wisconsin. Through the years, I’ve created many portraits for customers, friends and family. Some of these pieces are posted on this website in the portfolio section.

Back in the day, my father had a small appliance repair business called “Gordon’s Best”. I named my business RobinsBest to honor him. Also, I always put my very best into all of my work.

Much of my adult life has demanded that I work a regular 9-5 job to pay the bills and take care of family. My time in corporate America has taught me much about self-discipline, ethics, business and technology. I’ve found that the passage of time has sharpened my eye and my focus. I’m determined to break out of the corporate mold and metamorphose into a full-time artist.

My Art

I tend towards a more realistic style. From the beginning, graphite pencil was my weapon of choice. You can see some of my more recent pencil drawings in this portfolio. I also have a second large portfolio of older drawings that you may enjoy – I call them vintage.

Like most artists, I love new challenges. I have tackled other mediums such as acrylic, ink, watercolor, pastel and colored pencil. I’ve also done a little bit of sign painting, mural work and caricatures, although I don’t intend to work in those anymore. These days, my focus is on creating original paintings and drawings; both as commissions and to be made into prints.

My Inspiration

In simplest terms, I create art because the Ultimate Artist wired me for it. I want to use my talent to bring beauty, inspiration and joy to people. When I am doing that, I feel in harmony with my purpose, and my art flows out of that place. I’ve lived through many tragedies and triumphs. I occasionally struggle with health issues. These things have left me with a keen regard for the preciousness and beauty of life.

I can still vividly recall a book that I read in second grade. It was about a little colony of mice that were preparing for winter. All summer they worked to gather food and build a safe, snug home for the coming winter. But, one little mouse preferred to daydream and enjoy the pretty colors of the summer days. He endured much of criticism from his mouse family for being such a slacker. At the end of winter, when the food was running low and the mouse family was cold and tired; the little slacker-mouse was able to tell them stories of the summer. He painted pictures of all of the beautiful colors that he’d collected in his heart. As a result, it warmed the rest of the family and gave them the hope needed to survive until the spring.

My Resolution

Much of my life, I’ve been that practical stoic worker-bee; scrambling to scratch out an existence for myself and for my family. Today, I’m the dreamer-mouse. I want to share all of the colors and stories with the world to make the days a little brighter for those around me. And I want to help others to tell their stories as well.

Paintings and drawings will be posted as they are completed. If you click the like button on my Facebook page below or follow me on Instagram, you will get regular artwork updates and links to other interesting art that I find. Thank you for visiting.

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