Complex Pencil Portraits

A complex pencil portrait involves lots of detail, and is usually a composite of several photos merged into one drawing.  Here are a few complex graphite pencil composites that I have done over the years.

Alexis Composite Pencil Portrait

Complex Pencil Drawing of a Girl and Peonies
Two Views of Alexis With Peony Flowers

This first drawing is a complex pencil portrait of a little girl named Alexis.  When her mom asked me to create this drawing, she gave me a couple of photos to choose from.  I couldn’t bring myself to choose between the two really adorable pics.  I had some extra time on my hands, so I drew both of them.  The details in the flowers and the checked shirt were almost too much for me!  But the challenge was met, and it’s now one of my favorite drawings.   

Family Composite Portrait

Complex Pencil Portrait of Three Generations
Composite Drawing of Three Generations

I had the honor of creating this special three generation complex pencil portrait for a lady named Barb.  She gave me several photos to work from so that her mom and her favorite snapshots of her daughters could be included.  This was a joy to draw.

The Guam Grandchildren Mega-Portrait

Complex Graphite Pencil Mega-Portrait of the Guam Grandkids
Complex Graphite Pencil Mega-Portrait of the Guam Grandkids

This was probably the most complicated of all the drawings that I’ve ever tackled.  It was drawn during the summer of 2003 and took over 100 hours to create.  Altogether, I referenced over 15 photographs to create this composite portrait.  Looking back, I think I would have used larger paper than the 18″ x 24″ because it was like drawing in miniature.

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