Old Seascape Painting

Acrylic Lessons Completed

This winter, I started experimenting with acrylics. I’d worked with them many years ago, but stopped using them due to expense and fears of my kids getting into them. There is nothing more exciting than a toddler running away with a fresh tube of paint!

Graphite Pencil Drawing of Kermit and his Overloaded Truck

Kermit’s Page

During the fall season of 2002, my mom asked me to do a graphite pencil drawing for her friend, Les. In this case, the portrait was to be a Christmas gift.

Complex Pencil Portrait of a Little Girl in the Flowers

Complex Pencil Portraits

A complex pencil portrait involves lots of detail, and is usually a composite of several photos merged into one drawing. Here are a few complex graphite pencil composites that I have done over the years.