Anniversary Portraits

Portrait for Ida Lewis

If you are looking for an anniversary gift idea, consider having a before and after portrait either drawn or painted for your loved one(s).  These anniversary portraits are in graphite pencil.  But they could also be painted with watercolor, acrylic, or a mix of ink and watercolor (mixed media).

Years ago, I was commissioned years create an anniversary portrait for a Ida’s parents’ 50’th wedding anniversary.  It is beautiful thing to see the progression of years of happiness on their faces.  I love the giant flower bouquet that the bride carried and her husband looked so dapper.  This 14 x 17 graphite portrait was a fairly complex project because of all of the detail.

50th Wedding Anniversary Portrait
50th Wedding Anniversary Portrait in Graphite

Anniversary Portrait for George & Dorothy Flint

I have some wonderful in-laws! My husband’s family has always been the warmest and most welcoming bunch of Wisconsinites a girl could ever hope for! They are honest and kind and fun to hang out with.

A few years ago, George was fighting for his life against esophageal cancer. It was a very scary time for all of us. I wanted to somehow brighten the family’s Christmas that year. I remembered how beautifully the Lewis portrait turned out, and it inspired me to create a similar drawing for them. They had just had their 50th wedding anniversary a few years before. The family celebrated Christmas in the hospital in 2015. Against all odds, through the grace of God and modern medicine, George has beat the cancer! He has been cancer free since 2016.

George & Dorothy Flint
George & Dorothy Flint at our Wedding
Flint 50th Wedding Anniversary
Flint 50th Wedding Anniversary Pencil Portrait

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