Acrylic Portrait in the Moonlight

This small acrylic portrait painting in the moonlight has an interesting backstory.  It was my 8th painting completed after I committed to this acrylic journey last winter.  It was also one of my first non-lesson originals. 

One evening, my friend Susan popped over and asked me if I wanted to go on a quick adventure.  So, we hopped in her minivan and drove a couple of blocks to the old wooden bridge that spans the Cannon River in our little town.  She’d just driven over it, and was awestruck by the bright moon glistening off of the river.  Huge clouds of vapor were backlit as they climbed into the night sky.  It was an amazing sight!

That night was the night of the Super moon.  It was 16 degrees below zero Fahrenheit when we were out.  It was cold!!!  Thankfully, that meant no traffic, and we were able to take lots of photos from the bridge deck.  Then we wondered down a trail and took more pics.  After about 10 minutes, I couldn’t press the shutter button on my camera anymore because my hands ached with the cold.  It was time to go! But it was a great little outing!

Just for fun, I pointed the camera at my friend.  It was dark, and I couldn’t tell if I’d even managed to get a photo.  Happily, that random shot caught her just right.  She had such a serene and happy look on her face gazing out into the beautiful frozen night.  I was inspired and created this portrait painting as a surprise for her, instead painting the moonlit river as I’d intended to do.  I might still do the moonlit river painting at some point.  I’ve included one of those river photos just for fun.

Acrylic Painting of Sue by the Cannon River in the Moonlight
Acrylic Painting of Sue by the River

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