Acrylic Lessons Completed

This winter, I started experimenting with acrylics.  I’d worked with them many years ago, but stopped using them due to expense and fears of my kids getting into them.  There is nothing more exciting than a toddler running away with a fresh tube of paint!

To get the ball rolling, I enrolled in some online classes via the Will Kemp Art School.  His lessons inspired the work on this page.  I found his style to be light-hearted and fun to follow.  As I went along, I began to deviate and go back to my tighter, more detailed style.  But, I learned much from him about color mixing, setting up the painting, and using the composition to create light and drama.

Brown Jug on Blue

This simple brown pitcher painting was the very first acrylic painting that I did this year.  It was painted from an extremely limited pallet of colors;   blue, white and burnt sienna.  I was amazed at how much could be done with that array.  This lesson set my heart ablaze, and all I wanted to do was to paint more from then on!  Here is the link to that lesson, if you’d like to give it a try!

Acrylic Painting of a Blue Jug
Brown Jug Reference Pic
Acrylic Painting of a Brown Jug on Blue
Acrylic Painting of a Brown Jug on Blue Ground

Misty Winter Morning

I enjoyed painting this fun little landscape.  I love how cold it feels!  It only took a few hours to create as there is very little detail.  Again, this lesson’s pallet used only  a few colors.  Of course, if you would like to try this free painting lesson, click this link to access it.

Photo used for reference
Photo used for reference
Acrylic of Cold Winter Morning Trees
Cold Winter Morning Trees in Acrylic

Old English Seascape Reproduction

An old English painting from the 1800’s inspired this project. Indeed, it was created by John Constable in 1820.  He was a prolific painter.  If you Google his name, you will find many dramatic paintings online.  The Harwich Lighthouse is on the English coast of England.

I came to appreciate the shear talent of the original artist.  He captured this rather turbulent scene onsite.  And he did it without the aide of modern tools such as the camera. 

I found another online image of John’s painting today. The colors in that new image match my painting better than the original image that I worked from. I think that is really ironic. 

Reference Photo of Old English Painting
John Constables’ Harwich Lighthouse.
Old Seascape Painting
Old Seascape Painting Reproduction

French Cafe Acrylic Painting

In conclusion, I’d like to share this study of a French café.  It was one of the last lessons that I did before branching off onto my own tangents.  I learned that I don’t need to be a slave to every detail in a scene.   I’ve not played with impressionism much before, but I find it to be refreshing.   I was especially intrigued by the process of using a pallet knife to create textured leaves in the tree.  

Here is the link if you would like to try Will Kemp’s free online tutorial. 

Reference Photo of a French Cafe
Photo of a French Cafe
Partially Completed Painting
Partially Completed Painting
12 x 12 French Cafe Painting
12 x 12 French Cafe Painting

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