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Here's where you can find out how to commission some artwork.

If you scroll down, you will see pricing matrixes and ordering instructions.
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Mixed media (colored pencil and pastel) drawing re-created from an old photo of a ruined, yet very special artwork.
Mixed media (colored pencil and pastel) drawing re-created from an old photo of a ruined, yet very special artwork

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I try to keep the ordering process as simple as possible.
A prospective client will contact me and inquire about a product or service.   The contact forms that are on the left side of my pages are generally the easiest way to get in touch with me.   I will work with that client to generate a good-faith estimate so that they can make an educated decision. Basically, I charge $35/hour for all of my other design work, not including portraits and caricatures. Those other services include drafting, mechanical design, graphic design, photography, sign design, web design, photo retouching,and mural work.

All of my drawings are created on acid-free Bristol paper, which is a heavier 2-ply paper. When I refer to portraits, I am using the term loosely as I am also referring to images of homes, pets, etc. Portraits and caricatures are charged by the size of the artwork, the complexity of the layout, and the medium that it's produced in (pencil vs. watercolor etc).

When you click on one of the buttons below, you will be taken to a printer-friendly order form page, which you will need to print out to place an order.
Each button is for a different media, so if you want a watercolor painting click on that button etc.   You should see a list of prices and a description of each fee on the printed order page.   After you print out the page, fill in the information, and then sign and date it.   I will need a copy of the paper form with your down payment and your pictures.   The ordering process is now a mix of online and offline.   So, if you look to the left side of this web page you should see the online order form that you can use to get the process started.   It will probably seem a little redundant, but that is a good way to make sure that there are no miscommunications.   If the forms seem a little confusing, contact me and I'll be happy to with you.

I require a down payment of 35% of the total cost of the job before I start working on a portrait or caricature.
I accept checks and credit cards.  I do not cash checks before the work is completed and it has been proofed and approved by my client.  It's important to print out and mail a signed order form to me before I can start work on a project too.  I generally use email to send proofs.   Once my work has been approved, I will need to be paid in full, and then I will send out the finished product. I generally ship via the U.S. Post Office.   I will also email a tracking number if applicable.  I've found that the tracking numbers don't "go live" on the USPS web site until the next day.   I can use other shipping services at your request, but I will have to adjust the shipping rate accordingly.

To create a portrait or caricature, I generally I need a very clear photograph to refer to.
I can work from one or more photographs.   A good picture is one with good color, detail, clarity, and contrast.   Please make sure that you make me aware of any details such as eye color, wedding rings, etc that may not show up clearly in the photo and are important to your final portrait.   I have worked from fuzzy, low quality photos in the past with mixed results.   I am willing to work with such a photo, but I just want you to be aware that the drawing's accuracy will be limited by what I can actually see in the photo, and what you tell me about the photo.   Also, I can take pictures for you too, if you live nearby; that way I have more control over the lighting etc.

Also, if you would like images removed or added to the artwork please specify that.
There may be an additional charge for adding an image, but I will let you know what the final price is before I accept the commission.   I recommend at least the medium size paper (11" x 14" or 12" x 18") for full body images, or if the artwork is going to have more than two subjects in it.   I've found that if you try to squeeze too much information into a small piece of artwork, it loses allot of charm and accuracy.

Matting & framing services are available upon request.
I only use high quality matting and framing materials.  I can do both single mats and double mats.   I can also do decorative mat cutting for a little bit extra.   I generally require 10 days to order & receive the framing supplies, so it may be a good idea to place your frame order with your art work order or near the completion date.  I would be happy to give you a competitive price quote on a beautiful custom frame for your artwork.  You can find more information and some examples of my framing work in the framing services section of my website.

Standard Portrait Pricing Matrix

Artwork Size & Media
9" x 12"
9" x 12"
12" x 18"
12" x 18"
16 x 24
16 x 24
Graphite pencil
Colored pencil, Pastel,
or Pen & Ink
Colored Pen & Ink or Watercolor

The "Plus" prices are for pieces of artwork that are very complex, or have many subjects in them.
An example of an extremely complex piece would be a building that had a great deal of details like bricks and trees and cars and lots of people milling around it.  A project would also be considered a plus if it had many subjects/people.   A plus for the small or medium sizes would have between 3 and 5 subjects in it.   A large artwork with 6 to 11 subjects in it would be considered a plus project.   Also, the subjects that depict the full body can put a project into the plus category if it's a small (8" x 10").  If you are not sure if a drawing would be considered a plus project, I will be happy to look at your ideas and let you know.

Caricature Pricing Matrix

Artwork Size & Media
One Subject
9" x 12"
Two Subjects
small or medium paper
Each additional
Graphite pencil
Colored pencil
link to galleries of work done in pencil, pastel, and watercolors

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Be sure to check out this large collection of portraits done in watercolor, pastel, graphite, and colored pencil. You can also see and order caricatures, murals, and original paintings and drawings.

Watercolor painting of the point in Lake City, Minnesota
Click here to see a larger image of this graphite drawing and collage
Graphite drawing of a good dog, who's name was Homey.
Graphite drawing and collage of a father and son farming team in Wisconsin