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Includes Watercolors, Colored Pencil, Pastels, Inks, and Scratchboard

Watercolor of Mac Thumbnail Colored Pencil of Sam Thumbnail Colored Pen and Ink drawing of a houseboat in Red Wing, MN Thumbnail Colored Pastel painting of Dawn in Cancun Thumbnail Colored Pencil of GWB Thumbnail
Pen & Ink of Lake City's City Hall Thumbnail Black Cat on Scratchboard Thumbnail Colored Pencil of Jenny's Wedding Thumbnail Pastel of my wedding Thumbnail
Watercolor of a spaniels Thumbnail Colored Pencil of Jessie Thumbnail Colored Pencil of Josie Thumbnail
Water color of Buick Grand National Thumbnail Colored ink drawing/painting of a cabin in the woods Watercolor painting of the point in Lake City

Double-click on any of these pictures to see a more details.

Thank you to everyone that has let draw for them and place their artwork on this site.  I really appreciate your patronage of the arts and the opportunity to work for you.

Phone:(507)263-7989  |   30253 Oxford Mill Road, Cannon Falls, MN 55009   |

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