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Economy/Rough Sketch Gallery

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I have discontinued taking orders for economy/rough sketches.  I will still continue to accept orders for my standard detailed drawings and paintings, as well as for caricatures.  Click here for pricing information on my standard artwork.

Please note that the prices listed for the economy sketches were set before the sketches were discontinued, and the value on the drawings in this economy sketch gallery is greater than the prices on the individual drawings herein.

Sparta Girl Rough Sketch Thumbnail Belker Girls Rough Sketch Thumbnail Gomez Rough Sketch Thumbnail Kimberly's Rough Sketch Thumbnail
Pugs Rough Sketch Thumbnail Baby from the St. James Rough Sketch Thumbnail Rizzo's Rough Sketch Thumbnail
Lia Rough Sketch Thumbnail Avery Rough Sketch Thumbnail Cannon Falls Cutie Rough Sketch Thumbnail Digitally Colorized Pugs Rough Sketch Thumbnail Helen's Rough Sketch Thumbnail Helen's Other Rough Sketch Thumbnail
Christopher Rough Sketch Thumbnail Quam Rough Sketch Thumbnail Telander Rough Sketch Thumbnail Carol's Fish Rough Sketch Thumbnail

Double-click on any of these pictures to see a more details.

A rough sketch is a drawing with less detail in it than my regular work.    It was the "economy version" that would enable more people afford to have portraits created for them.    I only charged $35 for the first face and $18 for each additional face.   It was a popular product and I've been able to create quite a few of them for my clients.   Unfortunately, my perfectionism has made it difficult for me to keep my time investment to a minimum.  I found myself spending 5 hours drawing a face for $18.   Due to a great deal of demand for my services and time, I've had realign my business strategy.

I will, of course, finish the rough sketch orders that I've already accepted.   And, I may still offer rough sketches at my art festival shows.   I will still be doing caricatures as well.   I do apologize if this puts anyone in a bind.   If you have a special situation where a rough sketch is the only option, contact me and we can try to come up with a plan.

(651)319-3506  |   Cannon Falls, MN 55009  

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