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 Information About the Artist, Robin Flint
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I am an artist and designer.
I've always loved to draw in the most realistic style possible.   I was the kid in the back of the class drawing pictures of whatever interested me at the moment.   When I was in grade school, I was always doing portraits for my friends and their friends.  I told everyone that when I grew up I was going to be an artist.

I love bright, vibrant colors, and contrast. I have a passion for beauty and detail.
I think that it is way too easy to miss the little things that abound around us. We have been surrounded by so many blessings that literally sweep by so many of us; often without our ever noticing.  I feel so blessed that I can bring some of these things into focus.  If one of my designs can bring a smile to someone's face, then I am consummately happy.

My favorite artist was Michelangelo of Rennaisance fame.
I've taken many ideas and theories from his work; one of the main ones was not to get too caught up in one area or technique.  I've branched into many different areas of interest to keep from getting bored and/or boring.  So, as you'll see from this website, I've worked in quite a few mediums that are both from the classic arts and into today's wildly interesting computerized fields.  I like both sides of the fence and I've chosen to keep a foot planted on both sides.   It seems that if I stay on just one side (the classical arts side vs. the technical arts side), that I get bored and a little bit unbalanced.   One side gives me freedom and creativity; the other side nurtures a more disciplined approach to design.  I think it's a good mix.


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link to galleries of work done in pencil, pastel, and watercolors

Click here to enter the main gallery.
Be sure to check out this large collection of portraits done in watercolor, pastel, graphite, and colored pencil. You can also see and order caricatures, murals, and original paintings and drawings.

Watercolor painting of the point in Lake City, Minnesota
Click here to see a larger image of this graphite drawing and collage
Graphite drawing of a good dog, who's name was Homey.
Graphite drawing and collage of a father and son farming team in Wisconsin